Important Dates

Exam Payments Due

Hi Guys,

The first AMEB metropolitan session runs from the 29th April until the 19th May. 

There are quite a few students wanting to enter for exams during this session.

Should you wish to undertake your exam during this time, you’ll need to have your full name, date of birth and exam candidate number (if you have one) to me by Monday 24th February at the latest.

Please also specify any dates to avoid.

Exam costs can be found at here

Please let me know of any questions you may have.

Marketa 😉

AMEB Exam Entries Close

Hi Guys,

This one is not too important for you to remember, because if you get your information and payment to me on time, I’ll ensure you’re entered before the closing date.

An additional fee applies for late entries received a week or less after this date.

If your entry is not received within a week, there’s no late fee but you cannot do the exam at all. 

Exam fee information can be found here

Marketa 😉

No Lessons

For Friday and Saturday students, I will be attending a wedding interstate over this weekend. If you’d like to arrange a makeup lesson either during the week before or after these dates, please let me know. 

Bendigo Eisteddfod Entries Close

If you’re around grade two AMEB standard or above, see me about entering the Bendigo Eisteddfod. It’s a lot of fun but does involve some extra work. If enough people are interested, I’ll organise the day If not, you are welcome to enter individually. See my facebook post for more information You can aso enter for other instruments , dance or vocal if you like. Check out the schedule on the right and let me know if you have any questions

Marketa 😉

March Recital

More information will be here soon about the March Recital. It will most likely be at 2pm at my house. If you would like to perform, please let me know; preference will be given to those who are doing an early exam or entering the Bendigo Eisteddfod. 


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